Dos And Don’ts Of Yoga

Dos and Don’ts Of Yoga

The father of the Modern Science of Yoga (Yogashasthra) Patanjali Maharshi, defines yoga as controlling the nature of the mind. 

Shri Arvind Yogi for the contemporary world says that making an effort to become one with the supreme power and attaining it is the final portrayal of all types of yoga

Mankind can practise Yoga for developing itself not just physically, but also psychologically. Yoga impacts r habits, thoughts and behaviour towards the good and positive. Yoga if performed regularly can help achieve peace and dispels all negativity like ego, anger, prejudice, jealousy, greed, pride, aggression and more. Meditation is intrinsic to yoga science and helps to win over these negative emotions. 

Yoga followers should abide by the basic rules made for performing yoga at home and enjoy doing yoga every day. Yoga awards an individual with a happy, healthy and stress-free life. 

essential points to be followed and abide by while doing Yoga

Listed below are a few basic but essential points to be followed and abide by while doing Yoga:

Dos for Yoga

  • Wake up early in the morning and then perform your daily ablutions mandatorily, brush your teeth thoroughly, clean your tongue and preferably take a bath and then begin your yoga.
  • A fresh mind and well-rested body sync with yoga practice better so ensure you get sound sleep the night before and begin early in the morning. 
  • To get the best out of yoga asanas practice early in the morning, it is preferred to practice yoga early in the morning, after taking a bath and on an empty stomach but can be performed without taking a bath. 
  • Make sure to cool your body down post your practice of yoga and then go for a bath.
  • Yoga asanas should be performed in a peaceful environment and should not be hurried.  Exertions, stress or strains are a big no-no. 
  • Performance of the yoga asanas movements should be slow, rhythmic and non-jerky. Stick to yoga practice every day regularly and preferably at the same time. 
  • If one experiences an urge to pass urine while or after doing Yoga and so one should avoid holding the urine back forcefully for a very long period. Also, try not to suppress sneezing, coughing and more. In case, you feel dehydrated or thirsty, you can drink water in small quantities.
  • Include green, easy-to-digest vegetarian foods in your daily meals.
  • If possible, perform yoga in open, or keep the doors, and windows open for fresh air and light.
  • Always practice yoga using a mat or carpet on a levelled floor.
  • Doing your yoga asana practice in a fixed place everyday benefits more, if possible choose a place which gets early morning tender sunrays first.
  • While practising yoga, you must concentrate only on yoga and try to keep away from unwanted thoughts.
Avoid consuming heavy meals immediately just before or while doing yoga asanas

Don’ts in Yoga

  • Refrain from performing rigorous or strenuous exercises after yoga asanas.
  • Women should refrain from performing regular yoga asanas especially during their menstrual cycle (PMS) and during pregnancy. Perform asanas only under the supervision of a  physician and qualified yoga teacher with enough experience.
  • Avoid consuming heavy meals immediately just before or while doing yoga asanas, and wait for at least 2 to 3 hours after eating heavy meals to perform yoga.
  • When suffering from fever, weakness or illness or have had any surgery, refrain from Yoga asana practice. 
  • Also don’t over-exert your body if you are suffering from bodily injuries like sprains, strains or fractures. Rest adequately and perform yoga only after full recovery after guidance from your physician.
  • Smoky places and areas with foul smells are not fit for practising yoga and avoid untidy places as well.
  • Unwilling and underage children should not be taught or compelled to practice yoga.
  • Abstain from doing drugs or consuming alcohol when practising yoga.

End Note

Remember yoga is the ultimate path by which the highest objectives of life can be achieved. It is a holistic way of healthy living that provides health, longevity, vigour, awareness and alertness to the body, mind and spirit. Beginners, yoga can practise yoga by doing simple breathing exercises to first achieve peace of mind.

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