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Yoga vs Pilates – Decide which exercise best for you

Age is never an impediment to practicing yoga. It may seem a little daunting and complicated to non-practitioners especially when they see flexible yogis performing impossible Asanas. However, it is solely determined by your health and fitness level. You can choose the kind of yoga you want to do based on your abilities and what you are capable of doing. The idea is to do some form of stretches and strength exercises on a daily basis.

The purpose of yoga - To build strength, awareness and harmony in both the mind and body

When one is over forty or fifty and has no prior stretching experience, yoga may seem like a chore. In spite of this, it doesn’t need to be complicated. As long as you can do breathing exercises and meditation, yoga is for you. Meditation and breathing techniques, as well as maintaining energy flow, require daily practice. Mediation’s contemplative aspects facilitate stress management and cultivate peace of mind.

Certain forms of yoga have slow movements and deep breathing to increase blood flow and warm up muscles. It is imperative to listen to your body and push only to the point where it feels comfortable and safe. As you age, yoga might help you stay flexible and build strength through low-impact movements.

Yoga practice has also been shown to have positive neurological and mental health benefits. Additionally, it can assist the body in healing at any stage of life, especially if physical capabilities have declined due to aging. Studies also show that yoga can help improve arthritis, diabetes, insomnia, depression, and other conditions that arise with aging.

Be sure to find a type of yoga that works best for you, looking for classes titled restorative, hatha, beginner, or chair yoga. Chair Yoga is ideal for those with limited mobility or those recovering from an injury. Staying seated while doing yoga means that even frail seniors or those who aren’t flexible can safely do the exercises. Restorative Yoga is a slow-paced class suitable for seniors, focusing on the mental and meditative benefits of yoga. Hatha yoga is most suited for those starting up, as this style is typically about breathing and stretching and not about complex yoga postures and it also doesn’t accelerate the heart rate.

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Yoga classes can create a sense of community, foster friendships, and promote connection. Meeting regularly with people who share common interests is a social aspect that many older people enjoy. Having like-minded people around you can promote your wellbeing.

This is especially pertinent for seniors, who are more at risk of being socially isolated. Ageing results in the reorganization and decline of social networks, as well as loss of certain roles due to retirement or loss of friends. Yoga is the ideal way to maintain a socially supportive environment during this time.

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A word of caution though is that when you are beginning a yoga practice, find an in-person beginner’s class. Under the guidance of a trained yoga teacher, you can receive the greatest benefit as they ensure you are performing the moves correctly so that you can avoid injury.

Regular practice of yoga can contribute to a happier, more fulfilling life. In addition to toning your body, yoga will also lift your spirits. You are as young as you feel!


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